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HeadLine : Record wheat acreage takes rabi sowing beyond 64 million hectares
Date : Jan 20 2020
India has sown wheat over a record area of 330 lakh hectares, taking the total planted area in the current rabi season to 641 lakh hectares, which is 8.6 per cent more than that sown in the corresponding period last year, according to data released by the Agriculture Ministry on Friday. The maximum wheat sown area in the past was a little over 320 lakh hectares. That way this a record of sorts. And the crop condition this year is very good. While Madhya Pradesh has sown wheat over an area of 78 lakh hectares, about 19 lakh hectares over last year, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra planted wheat over an additional area of 5.6 lakh hectares, 4.5 lakh hectares and 3.86 lakh hectares, respectively, over the corresponding week last year. Farmers have planted pulses over an area of 157 lakh hectares as against 150 lakh hectares in the same week last year. Much of the increase has been reported from Maharashtra, which brought an additional area of 7.74 lakh hectares under pulses, Rajasthan (6.35 lakh hectares) and Gujarat (2.16 lakh hectares). Madhya Pradesh, on the other hand, planted nearly 9 lakh hectares less under pulses.

Source: Business Line
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