01-Apr-2020   Risk currencies ease, yen firms as investors brace for global downturn
31-Mar-2020   Dollar gains on Japanese demand before fiscal year end, pandemic weighs on mood
30-Mar-2020   Dollar slows slide as investors seek shelter amid pandemic crisis
27-Mar-2020   Dollar climbs down as panic subsides, on course for biggest loss in decade
26-Mar-2020   Dollar falls before jobless claims, investors await stimulus
25-Mar-2020   Dollar steadies after slide as greenback funding stays tight
24-Mar-2020   Dollar near 3-year peak amid mad cash scramble
23-Mar-2020   Dollar gains as pandemic drives global demand for cash
20-Mar-2020   Cash dash has dollar set for best week since 2008 crisis
19-Mar-2020   Dollar resumes ascent as investors panic about coronavirus, scramble for cash
18-Mar-2020   Dollar thrives, Aussie trampled in rush for liquidity
17-Mar-2020   Yen firm, riskier currencies wobble as policymakers grapple with pandemic
16-Mar-2020   Dollar down after another surprise Fed rate cut
13-Mar-2020   Dollar wins out as pandemic drives rush for liquid assets
12-Mar-2020   Dollar slides after Trump bans travel from Europe to fight virus
11-Mar-2020   Dollar resumes descent against safe-haven currencies in volatile trade
09-Mar-2020   Japan warns as yen rises on spread of coronavirus
06-Mar-2020   Dollar surrenders to euro and yen as rate supremacy ends
05-Mar-2020   Dollar regains footing as Fed cut shakeout fades
04-Mar-2020   Dollar left devastated by surprise Fed rate cut